Anodized Colors and Finishes

AaCron offers the widest range of time tested light fast anodized colors in the industry. Choose from one of many of Aacron’s standard colors or submit your own sample for us to match.

All colors represented here are suitable for exterior applications. Colors are shown with a matte finish. All colors are available in both matte and bright finishes. Matte finish codes end in “M” and Bright finish codes end in “B”. Please call to request bright samples.

Maximum part length for Matte Clear and Matte Bronze colors (101M thru 103M & 300M thru 307M) is 40 feet. All other colors and all bright finishes have a maximum length of 21 feet.

These colors are for website use only. Please contact AaCron for actual color samples to be sent to you for final color selection.

Download color chart specification sheet

Color Aesthetics

  • A constantly increasing number of true, deep metallic architectural exterior colors are available.
  • Anodizing’s intrinsic clarity highlights the natural beauty of the underlying aluminum.
  • Improved technology minimizes or eliminates significant color variation associated with earlier processes.
  • Buffing and brightening before anodizing eliminates tarnishing and the need for protective lacquer coatings.

Color Stability

  • Anodic coatings are inorganic and unaffected by ultraviolet rays.
  • Do not chalk, chip, peel or fade.
  • Deep cuts or gouges do not propagate.
  • Colors are repeatable to match for future replacement or additions.